Home Sick

Well got flown home from St.Joeseph,MO….(KC)..Only to have caught flu or something.. Since heart issues and a lifetime of smoking have made illness a serious thing .. I must recover at home until safe to venture into the great Unknown .. I am feeling great since my pulmonologist called in serious antibiotics and steroids..We should be on the way by the weekend..I apologise for not getting back to you sooner.. I need to pay some attention to self care! Hope all of you a6c5b94f55e36f084cfe10f754d010b62re well!!


4449153ce669fe0c5a79890db426d8f1Dispatch today!

Hopefully we are going where it’s as warm as the folks!

No sleep in anticipation! Dispatch today!   Update soon! Thanks for patience and good will!

Kearney NE

Well got going early..drove 475 miles non stop, except for one time to notice new license plate went flying away so I could separate trucks at first delivery a day early and when still relatively warm..30°!
Finished 5 minutes before closing..Old grumpy dude says come back in the morning..we are going to wash it and inspect it.. Thanks alot,went all day,no eat,work to save time since I have to drive 300 miles to last stop..hour Uber to aeroporte in KC..flight at 5 pm Friday..if any flights available..big NE storm..
Plan is to go to Ohio and get load back West as more income involved..Dude is raining on my paycheck…” Come back at 8:30 am”.. great..oh well off to expensive Carlson Hotel to wash off old dudes offensive attitude…Long Day Friday…This single axle truck is going to beat me to death for 300 miles tommorow..ride to hotel created a hailstorm of my belongings, making locating anything Impossible..lol..IMG_20180104_201741001.jpg

NEW Year!!

Well what a day, finally got on the road..late start…I am a lucky guy!! I got the longest trip at dispatch today,even being #2 senoirity pick!! Amazing big fancy sleeper truck. 75 mph,1800 miles and possibly a back haul from Ohio when finished by Friday!!
Kind of tired tonight..first trip after two weeks off..Got new plates and phone ( company) .. Overall just a fantastic start with best trip,best truck and everything is super !! Kinda funny first trip of 2018 going to last stop of 2017.. Kearney,NE!!! Easy reverse mount undeck!! Less than an hour to drop and swap trucks…the back one goes to St.Joe ,Mo…K.C.,Mo… Good nite!! Hey if nothing happens, usually that’s a good thing in this business!!! LoL!!! Tomorrow We hit Idaho,Utah and Wyoming.. keep fingers crossed for no wind and or Snow!!IMG_20180102_194805989_LL.jpg

Hey All!

Hope you are enjoying the holidays!

I am at home resting up from the past whirlwind year of non stop travel and meeting people and places!

I hope you will join me in 2018 as discovery,beauty, wonderment, joy and misery love company!

The expedition begins the first week of 2018! Destination Unknown! Please join me as we start another year of non stop travel and unexpected sights, places and people that North America offers!

Happiest New Year too All!